Younger Generations Group (YGG)


The aim of the group is to honour, support and assist the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion servicemen at the Reunion Lunch, Anzac Day March, Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Remembrance and Remembrance Day March and in any other ways, as required.

It is very important to honour our servicemen from World War 2 - helping those few still with us and to remember those who have gone before.

Our group is made up of the descendants and relatives of 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion servicemen, and we aim to have at least one representative for each man who served in the Battalion join our mailing list.

Use the Contact us webpage to join our group, (refer Confidentiality policy).


For many years there had been discussions about the formation of a descendants group for the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion.

At the Boronia Remembrance Day March, in November 2004, this descendants group came into being. Four descendants of 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion servicemen marched in support of Mr E. J. (Ted) Hansen (then President of the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion Association) and lunched with him at the RSL.

A 'temporary' name of the Younger Generations Group was adopted by these four, but the name now seems to have been accepted.

The Founding Committee Members were :

That same Sunday afternoon, a list of 25 descendants was put together. This list was added to after the Reunion Lunch and Anzac Day March in April 2005 and again at the Pilgrimage to the Shrine in June 2005. With further networking between family and friends the numbers were at 100 by our first anniversary.

At the time of the preparation of this introduction for the website (April 7th, 2009) we have a mailing list of 275, and the following members have joined our Committee :