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Confidentiality policy

No phone numbers, addresses or email addresses will be listed anywhere on the website for security reasons, (scammers may attempt to use the information for sending spam).

No text information or photos received will be sold or otherwise traded to third parties.

No personal information will be posted on the website and / or passed on to third parties without consent.

Permission to release photos and text information will be verified by return email.


All due care has been taken in preparing the information contained on this website, anyone using it shall be deemed to indemnify the Association from any and all injury or damage arising from such use. All rights reserved.

Note that descriptions and attitudes in submitted historical documents are of those at the time they were originally written and are reproduced on an "as is" basis. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Association.

Helpful hints

Use the go back button on your web browser to return to the PREVIOUS page as you navigate through the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion Website. Note this will also take you to the previous link location if it is on the same webpage, for example, links within the Geography webpage (as if it was the previous webpage visited).

Click the refresh button on your web browser if the page won't load as it did on a prior visit to the website. This can happen sometimes when the website is changed for ease of use or to allow for the growing amount of information being collected. Refreshing each page visited solves the problem by updating information that was downloaded to the computer's hard drive on a prior visit. Clearing the computer's cache of downloaded information is more efficient if a major upgrade has occurred. Different browsers use a variety of methods to clear their cache in one operation :

Every webpage has the same basic three window layout; index window across the top, scroll / select window on the left and main window, which doubles to display general notes / main information. Some scroll / select windows have sub-menus, for example, clicking on Medical conditions in Glossary lists a selection of conditions to display in the main window. These windows are, in effect, sub-windows and are also referred to as "frames" (see below).

To print an entire section move the cursor to the sub-window (frame) and right click once. When the sub-menu is displayed, select "This frame" then "Print frame".

Smaller areas can be printed by using the cursor to select text for "copy and paste" into a document (for example, Word for Windows).

All underlined text are clickable links that link only within the website. The only exceptions are the Cemeteries and memorials webpage, (Commonwealth War Graves Commission direct links), and the Resources webpage that has a clickable Website direct links section. None of these link to websites that are known to (a) compromise your security or, (b) promote advertising. These links open a new tab in the internet browser to display the page, (note that the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion Website remains active in its current tab).

Click on any small photo icons on the website to display the larger image. There are many photos on the website and this method saves large download times for users with a slower internet connection.

Clicking on some documents enables zoom in / out, such as photos, sample documents, death circulars, status circulars, award circulars and cemetery / memorial ground layouts. Due to the fact that some documents are quite sizeable, only part of the document will appear on the screen. To view other sections of the document, either left click and drag the cursor that becomes a hand symbol or use the scroll bars to move around the document. If the cursor becomes a + symbol, left click on the document to zoom into that location (the cursor will now change to a - symbol) and use the scroll bars to move around the document. Left click on the document again to zoom out.

Some documents (for example past articles) display a search box along the top of the main window when viewed. Enter text to be found within the document here and press enter. Any matching text will be highlighted.

Read the Glossary thoroughly for an understanding of the terminology, including abbreviations, background information on troopships, medical conditions, awards, organisations, weapons, geography, ranks, etc.

The window divider bars can be moved to make webpages temporarily larger. For example, the horizontal dividing bar below the index window can be dragged up to show more of the main window below and the vertical dividing bar can also be moved for the same purpose. This is only a temporary movement of the window divider bars and the original window configuration will return to normal when you move between webpages on this website.

In short, click away; you cannot do any damage.

Information accuracy

Unconfirmed items : accuracy is shown by a question mark. For example, Lae? 1943 means location unconfirmed, year confirmed ; Lae March 24th? 1943 means location confirmed, month confirmed, day unconfirmed, year confirmed.

All information is checked before posting on the website and the update / addition is listed on the Addendum webpage (along with the date changed / added).

Note that dates on the website are in the format DD/MM/YYYY. December 18 in 1943 will be displayed as 18/12/1943.


The Association aims to check the website every few days. Please keep in mind that it is maintained by a volunteer in the Association, (Cary Sandell).

The Events webpage is updated regularly.

Visitors comments can be sent to the Association for posting via the Contact us webpage, (refer Confidentiality policy).

Notice board items can be sent to the Association for posting via the Contact us webpage. These may consist of wanting or having text information or photos of a soldier, news, etc. Replies about a notice can be made via the Contact us webpage. These will be forwarded on to the person who posted the notice, (refer Confidentiality policy).

Suggested topics for the Forum can be sent to the Association for posting via the Contact us webpage. There are some restrictions on content, (refer Confidentiality policy). Sensible comments on a topic can be made via the Contact us webpage.

Please use the Contact us webpage to notify us of any problems such as links not working, etc. The current version of the website has only been tested on Mozilla Firefox (version 3.0.10) and Internet Explorer (version 7.0.5730.13) browsers. The Addendum webpage will be updated accordingly when any problem is corrected.

This website is a work in progress. All constructive comments and suggestions will be gratefully received.

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Website history

Website design and data research started 11/11/2007 by Cary Sandell (Association member and grandson of VX73689 C. A. R. Douglas).

Conversion software developed by Cary Sandell can be adapted to create a similar website for any World War 2 Australian Army, Air Force or Navy unit.

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