Soldier stories

VX73689 DOUGLAS, CHARLES ANDREW RAIT. Submitted by Cary Sandell (grandson). Member of the 2/2nd Younger Generation Group.

Background : Grandpa served in the second forming of the Battalion and fought in New Guinea at places like Nadzab, Heath's Plantation, Markham Point, Lae, Ramu Valley and Shaggy Ridge. He didn't really talk much about the war until later in life and even then, tended to gloss over the really bad bits. Recurring bouts of malaria for years afterwards also took its toll. His Soldier's Handbook and copy of Jungle Warfare (both Australian Government publications) only hinted at what happened. I know he would never lie to me and that is why the stories are real. What these men went through defies belief!! Here are a few stories he shared with me: