Soldier profiles

Service Number : VX36401
Date of Birth : 22/03/1911
Place of Birth : ASCOT VALE, VIC
Known as : JACK
Occupation on Enlistment :
Date of Enlistment : 16/07/1940
Locality on Enlistment : ALBERT PARK, VIC
Place of Enlistment : ROYAL PARK, VIC
Next of Kin : AMOORE, EDNA
Rank (at time of discharge / death) : PRIVATE
Service : ARMY
Final Posting : 2/2 PIONEER BATTALION
Position / Platoon / Company (as 2/2 Pioneer) (date / details) :
Unit Transfers / Promotions (date / details) :
Theatres of War : SYRIA, JAVA
Actions :
Wounded (date / details) :
Discharged : 21/12/1945
Date Died : 22/06/1990
Age at Death : 79
Community Roll of Honour : N/A
Buried Location / Memorial (P.O.W., D.O.W., K.I.A.) : COWES CEMETERY, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA.
K.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
D.O.W. (date / details) : N/A
M.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
P.O.W. (location/s) : JAVA
Died P.O.W. (date / details) : NO
P.O.W. Camps (details) : THAILAND, KAWASAKI 14 (JAPAN), JAPAN
Recovered P.O.W. (location/s) : JAPAN
Honours and Gallantry : None for display
Applicable Australian War Memorial circulars : Australian War Memorial B-JAVA-0003 Missing & POW Circular
References found (entries & photos) : National Archives of Australia (Barcode 6126331 [NOT EXAMINED], Barcode 478832 [OPEN]),   WW2 Nominal Roll,   Australian War Memorial,   Past article (size 948kB),   Death notice (The Argus 21/11/1944),   AWM_019216.jpg,   Headstone [photo courtesy of J. N.]

Background : Arrived in Japan September 1944 aboard hellship Kibitsu Maru (survivor rescued by Japanese after hellship Rakuyo Maru sinking). Part of the Kawasaki group. Death notice listed on website was written by relatives when notified by the Army of the Rakuyo Maru being torpedoed and Jack not being saved by the submarines. He was recovered in Japan at war's end. Repatriated to Australia on the hospital ship Tjitjalengka.