1 MD - 1 Military District (Queensland)

2 MD - 2 Military District (New South Wales)

3 DDD - 3 Military District (ie. Victoria) Discharge Depot

3 MD - 3 Military District (Victoria)

4 MD - 4 Military District (South Australia)

5 MD - 5 Military District (Western Australia)

6 MD - 6 Military District (Tasmania)

7 MD - 7 Military District (Northern Territory)

8 MD - 8 Military District (New Guinea)

115(H)MH (or 115HMH) - 115 (Heidelberg) Military Hospital (Melbourne, Victoria). Photo (16/11/1943 exterior of main entrance) AWM id no. 100164

2IC - 2nd In Charge

A/S - Active service

AACC - Australian Army Catering Corps

AAES - Australian Army Education Services

AAMC - Australian Army Medical Corps

AAMFDD - Australian Army Military Forces Discharge Depot

AAOC - Australian Army Ordnance Corps

AAPC - Australian Army Pay Corps

AAPC - Australian Army Postal Corps

AASC - Australian Army Service Corps

AATR - Australian Army Training Regiment

ABSADD - Australian Base Sub Area Details Depot

ACAO - Australian Corps Accounts Office

ACCPO - Australian Corps Command Pay Office

ACD - Australian Convalescent Depot

ACH - Australian Camp (or Convalescent) Hospital

ACRC - Australian Corps Reception Camp

ACRS - Australian Corps Rest Station

ACT - Australian Capital Territory, Australia

ADM - Admitted

ADV - Advance

AEME - Corps of Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

AFA - Australian Field Ambulance

AGBD - Australian General Base Depot

AGH - Australian General Hospital

AHS - Australian Hospital Ship

AIF - Australian Imperial Force

AISGP - Australian Infantry Speciality Group

AITBN - Australian Infantry Training Battalion

AMB - Ambulance

AMF - Australian Military Forces

AMFDD - Australian Military Forces Discharge Depot

AMN - Ammunition

AMRO - Australian Military Regulations and Orders

ANGAU - Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit. Civil administration consisting of locally experienced officers. The ANGAU greatly assisted the AMF with their local knowledge and contacts.

APPT (or APPTD) - Appointed

APSC - Australian Personnel Staging Camp

APTBN - Australian Pioneer Training Battalion

APWRG - Australian Prisoner Of War Recovery Group

ARD - Advance Reinforcement Depots

ARP - Air Raid Precautions (Warden)

ARSTU - Australian Regimental Signals Training Unit

ARTB - Australian Recruit Training Battalion

ARTC - Australian Recruit Training Centre

ASD - Australian Supply Depot

ASM - Australian Service Medal

ATC - Australian Training Centre

ATT - Attached

ATTD - Army Transport (or Trade) Training Depot

AUST - Australian

AWL (or AWOL) - Absent Without Leave

AWM - Australian War Memorial

B'ST - Bathurst, New South Wales

BCOF - British Commonwealth Occupation Forces

BD - Board

BEF - British Expeditionary Force

BN - Battalion

BSA - Base Support Area

BT Malaria - Medical abbreviation used in World War 2 for Benign Tertian malaria

BTN - Battalion

CCS - Casualty Clearing Station

CH - Convalescent Hospital

CHR - Chronic

CMF - Commonwealth Military Force. Known as the militia and consisting of conscripts who could only serve within Australia and its territories (this was expanded as the situation deteriated).

CO - Commanding Officer

COD - Central Ordnance Depot

COMD - Command

CONST - Construction

COY - Company

CPL - Rank of Corporal

CPY - Company

CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

DCM - District Courts Marshal

DDD - District Discharge Depot

DET - Detached

DISEMB - Disembarked

DIV - Division

DPT - Depot

ECH - Echelon

EMB - Embarked

ENGRS - Engineers

ETD - Engineering Training Depot

FAA - First Australian Army

FD - Field

FLD - Field

FR - From

FTD - Full Time Duty

GDD - General Details Depot. Used as a paperwork holding unit until the soldier was sent to a training unit, posted to an active unit or during demobbing after the war ended

GP - Group

GSW - Gun Shot Wound

HQ - Headquarters

HMT - Hired Military Transport ie. troopship. HMT GG was code for the ship, in this case with 3rd General Reinforcements which were then detailed off to different Battalions (including the 2/2 Pioneers) upon arrival.

HMAT - His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Transport. Usually a troopship eg. H.M.A.T. Duntroon.

HOS - Hospital

HS - Hospital Ship

INCL - Inclusive

IND - Independent

INF - Infantry

ISO - Isolation ward in hospital (eg. with mumps)

ITB - Infantry Training Battalion

JT - Joint

JW - Jungle warfare

L OF C AREA - Lines Of Communication Area

LHQ - Land Headquarters

LOB - Left Out of Battle Group to act as a nucleus on which to build a new battalion should severe casualties be suffered. Battalion and Company second-in-commands were selected, the next in line of seniority taking their places

LONGSER - Long service

LT - Left

LTD - Leave and Transit Depot

LWOP - Leave WithOut Pay

M/IN - Marched in

M/OUT - Marched out

ME - Middle East

MED - Medical

MENT - Mental

MG - Machine Gun

MGB - Machine Gun Bullet

MT Malaria - Medical abbreviation used in World War 2 for Malignant Tertian malaria

MT - Mechanical Transport

MTTD - Mechanical Transport Training Depot

NAD - No Appreciable Disease

NAOA - National Archives of Australia

NCO - Non Commissioned officer

NDG - No Date Given

NGDD - New Guinea Details Depot

NGF - New Guinea Force

NEI - Netherland East Indies

NLA - National Library of Australia

NOK - Next of kin (defined in order of relationship : wife, eldest son, eldest daughter, father, mother, eldest brother, eldest sister, eldest half-brother, eldest half-sister)

NPS - No Prior Service

NSW - State of New South Wales, Australia

NT - Northern Territory, Australia

NYD - Not Yet Determined (medical abbreviation)

NYDN - Not yet diagnosed neurosis (shell shock) (World War I medical abbreviation)

O/M - On marched

OCTU - Officer Cadets' Training Unit

OIC - Officer In Charge

ORD - Ordnance

PEL - Pre Embarkation Leave

PL - Platoon

PNR - Pioneer

PNRS - Pioneers

PP - Provost Platoon

PS - Police Station (service record civil offence entries)

PSL - Permanent Supernumerary List (for officers)

PTB - Pioneer Training Battalion

PTE - Rank of Private (equivalent to a Gunner, Driver, Sapper or Signaller)

PUL - Pulmonary

PUO - Pyrexia (fever) of Unknown Origin (medical abbreviation)

PW - Pioneer Wing

QMID - Queens Memorial Infectious Diseases (Fairfield Hospital, Victoria)

R or R/S - Reinforcements

RA (or R/A) - Re Allotment

RAA - Royal Australian Artillery

RAAF - Royal Australian Air force

RAE - Royal Australian Engineers

RAN - Royal Australian Navy

RAP - Regimental Aid Post. First aid post situated just away from the fighting. Seriously wounded were evacuated to a Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) or Australian General Hospital (AGH).

RAS - Returned from Active Service badge issued to returned service personnel.

RDHQNGF - Rear Details Headquarters New Guinea Forces

REC - Recovery

REGT - Regiment

REINF - Reinforcements

REINFTS - Reinforcements

REP - Report

REPTD - Reported

RGHC - Rehabilitation / Geriatric Hospital Caulfield

RGT - Regiment

RMO - Regimental Medical Officer

RRD - Recruit Reception Depot

RSL - Returned & Services League of Australia

RT - Right

RTB - Recruit Training Battalion

RTC - Recruit and Training Camp

RTU - Return To Unit

RY - Railway

S/DEC - Strength decrease

S/INC - Strength increase

SA - State of South Australia, Australia

SALV ARMY - Salvation Army

SCRC - Southern Command Reception Camp

SFF - Sandfly Fever

SGT - Rank of Sergeant

SH - Specialty Hospital

SIG - Signals

SME - School of Military Engineering

SMF - Special Mobile Forces

STH - Southern

STR - Services Training Regiment

TAS - State of Tasmania, Australia

TB - Tuberculosis

TD - Training Depot

TG - Trade Group

TNG - Training

TOHS (or TO H/S) - Taken on holding strength

TOS - Taken on strength

TPT - Transport

TPT PL - Transport Platoon

TRANS - Transfer

TRG - Training

US - United States

VACC - Vaccination

VDC - Volunteer Defence Corps

VEH - Vehicle

VIC - State of Victoria, Australia

W/COMD - Western Command (Western Australia)

W/S - Workshop

WA - State of Western Australia, Australia

WCGDC - Western Command General Details Camp

WIA - Wounded in action