Posted 2018-05-24 by T. Prior in Somerset, United Kingdom. : I recently found your website after family history research by my nephew. VX59592 Private Alfred Nelson Prior was my father's cousin. His father Alfred Prior was my Grand Dad's elder brother and for many years their families were close neighbours in Putney London. Our research shows that Alfred Nelson was in fact born on 3rd February 1896, so that he would have been 47 when he died in the P.O.W. camp. He emigrated to Australia in March 1914 and the passenger list on the S.S. Port Macquarie shows him as aged 18 and occupation as 'farm student'. We were not aware of him until recently - Alfred senior had moved to another part of London by the time news of his death would have come through, my father was away at sea, and the different branches of the family appear to have lost touch during the war. I am most impressed with the detailed information given on your site and as it appears he left no family in Australia, I am especially grateful to you for preserving his memory along with all the others in the 2/2 Pioneers.






Posted 2015-05-10 by N. Cowell in New South Wales, Australia. : Great site - well done. Important to remember the huge contribution from these guys. Easy for us to forget how their efforts made the world a better place.

Posted 2015-04-27 by H. Schoffelen in Victoria, Australia. : Thank you for your site. I am currently researching many of my extended family as are many people with the 100 year anniversary of ANZAC, its wonderful how much can be found with a little 'surfing'.


Posted 2014-05-24 by A. Neville in Victoria, Australia. : Thank you so much for the effort of publishing and maintaining this website. I am researching family member Vincent Thomas Close and have an interest in Pioneer units as well, having served as an Assault Pioneer during the early 70's.

Posted 2014-03-17 by R. Walker in Victoria, Australia. : Once again, we very much appreciate the work that you and the Association are undertaking for veterans and their families.


Posted 2013-04-28 by G. Dwyer in Victoria, Australia.
Found the site absolutely wonderful. Regards Gaye.

Posted 2013-04-09 by J. Williams in Queensland, Australia.
Thankyou for the wonderful website. I have started researching my grandfather's war history and have come upon this site. We knew little of his war history as he spoke little of it to my father.

Posted 2013-04-08 by M. Reid in Victoria, Australia.
Thank you very much - this is a great website and I appreciate its existence and the upkeep associated with it done on a voluntary basis.

Posted 2013-04-08 by T. Woodley in New South Wales, Australia.
I came across your excellent website while conducting research on my great uncle SIDNEY ROY BARRY, VX18976.

Posted 2013-04-03 by B. Reid in Victoria, Australia.
Congratulations for creating and maintaining this website.

Posted 2013-01-11 by L. Boromeo in Victoria, Australia.
Thanks for putting the information on the website, it looks really good.


Posted 2012-11-30 by L. Boromeo in Victoria, Australia.
Congratulations on this wonderful website where I have found valuable information. It is a wonderful resource for relatives and friends and honours the men who put their lives on the line. I have already contacted and registered with the Association, and had a reply from Jenny.

Posted 2012-08-16 by D. Manski in Queensland, Australia.
I just want to thank the Association website for passing on my request for anyone who knew my father Len Manski. Through the website I was put in touch with Lila and Richard Hunter, Richard knew my Dad when they were fishing together at Trinity Beach prior to Borneo. I had over an hour long conversation with Richard and he was able to fill me in with a few stories of that time. Our conversation was pure gold to me and to my brothers when I told them about it. Once again thank you.

Posted 2012-06-16 by J. Jefferson in New South Wales, Australia.
Thank you for the excellent work you do on the 2/2nd Pioneer website.

Posted 2012-05-22 by J. Jefferson in New South Wales, Australia.
Many thanks for a wonderful site. My nephew found it and let me know about it and it has been a great source of information.

Posted 2012-05-22 by E. Bond in Victoria, Australia.
Thank you, you've created a great website.

Posted 2012-05-06 by K. Wilson in Victoria, Australia.
Thank you to your Association for such an amazing job!

Posted 2012-04-30 by D. Persson in Victoria, Australia.
I have been to your website a number of times, and was able to source my grandfather's records with your website's help. I applied for his records last year and was happy to see that your website has now got them up on the web. It helped me as I was not able to read some of his records but they are now much clearer from your website.

Posted 2012-04-20 by B. Schirrmeyer in Victoria, Australia.
Thank you so much for posting the information I sent you and thank you especially for placing Uncle Cliff's photos on his profile page.


Posted 2011-10-04 by A. Flint in Australia.
Thank you for a great website.

Posted 2011-09-22 by M. Monaghan in Australia.
I hope this information (emailed photos) is of importance to the fabulous website that is a great tribute to the 2/2nd Pioneers.

Posted 2011-07-17 by B. and R. Craven in Australia.
When we have the opportunity we have a look at the website and there always appears to be something there that we did not see previously. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Posted 2011-05-05 by S. and D. Steel in Queensland, Australia.
We are finding your website very helpful.

Posted 2011-05-02 by S. McGrath in Victoria, Australia.
Just had a very informative conversation with Ken Fraser and I am looking forward to meeting with you people and discussing my grandfather VX30028 Frank McGrath. Not a lot of knowledge was known to me about Frank and through just a phone call, my ambitions are soaring looking forward to our introductions.

Posted 2011-05-02 by M. Howe in Victoria, Australia.
I congratulate the Association for an excellent website.

Posted 2011-03-16 by M. O'Connor in Victoria, Australia.
I wish to commend Cary Sandell for the excellent Website. Also, a big thank you to Cary and Marion Young for their effort in doing what I thought was impossible in locating a photo of my Father VX46770 Robert Sydney Hunt. I am unable to adequately express my appreciation for their work, Marie.

Posted 2011-02-15 by M. Donaldson in Western Australia, Australia.
Hi, I just came across the website which is a good resource.

Posted 2011-01-04 by M. O'Connor in Victoria, Australia.
The website is excellent with a wonderful display of photo's.


Posted 2010-10-07 by J. Fallace in Victoria, Australia.
Thank you for your time and any assistance you can render rectifying my father's details. My family would appreciate this. Such a young boy to endure the horrors that he suffered and saw. May our children and grandchildren never have to take part in anything such as this was. Every day we are thankful for what our Dad/Pa and all the Australian and allied military have made possible for us!

Posted 2010-09-14 by C. Tunbridge and D. Curry in New South Wales, Australia.
Our father was VX21039 Bill Lewis. We would like to convey our appreciation for all your efforts in establishing this historical website for the 2/2 Pioneers & their family & friends.

Posted 2010-07-29 by D. Shelton in Queensland, Australia.
My grandfather was VX18800 George Edward Shelton. Unfortunately, he passed some years ago. I think the website is fantastic. I have been actively marching for him for over 20 years.

Posted 2010-06-09 by D. Child in Western Australia, Australia.
I recently came across your website and thought I would advise you that my cousin was a member of the 2/2 Pioneers during World War 2. His name was Ronald William CHILDS who became a prisoner of the Japanese. I found some additional information on your website and wish to thank you for the opportunity of finding out more details on his military history to add to my family history research.

Posted 2010-04-29 by L. Jurey in Victoria, Australia.
Hi, I must congratulate you on a fabulous resource for all those interested or associated with the 2/2nd Pioneers. My Father VX21913 LEONARD JOHN BOYD and my Uncle VX21936 HENRY WILLIAM BOYD were both in the 2/2.

Posted 2010-04-29 by D. Manski in Queensland, Australia.
Congratulations on the website. My father was QX47480 Private Leonard Manski who joined the second forming of the 2/2 Pioneers and served in New Guinea and Tarakan (Borneo).

Posted 2010-04-15 by J. Andrews in Victoria, Australia.
My late husband Doug Andrews, was one of your founding members (of the Younger Generation Group). I wanted to share with you the joy that it gave Doug going through this website with me and for me to be able to share his passion. There is sooooo much information and links that we spent many hours exploring and could have spent many more doing the same. Thankyou very much.

Posted 2010-01-10 by J. Blake in Moscow, Russia.
Hi all, great website.


Posted 2009-10-04 by W. Stagoll in Victoria, Australia.
Hi Cary, The website is comprehensive and easy to navigate, a tribute to the soldiers of the 2/2nd Pioneers, well done.

Posted 2009-09-24 by M. Young in South Australia, Australia.
Hi Cary. I just wanted to tell you what a great achievement this website is. You have done a lot to achieve that promise we all make every April 25, We will remember them. When you see that a man has died before he had the opportunity to have children, and his parents have long since died, his individual effort can still be recognised on the site. By us. I will continue to look for material you can use.