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Credits and acknowledgements to donors of information and photos. Also, listed recommended resources which include website direct links, past articles (newspaper clippings, etc.), and additional reading. Note that it should not be inferred that the content of the website direct links has been endorsed by the Association and it is up to visitors to this website to determine the relevance of their content.

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Additional reading list compilation courtesy of A. Holland (daughter of VX56641 H. M. Gregson) and C. Sandell (grandson of VX73689 C. A. R. Douglas). 2/2 Pioneer authors are highlighted with a link to their Profile webpage. Books included span World War 2 and are sorted into different categories for ease of reference (Air, Battles, Escape, General, History (battalion), Intelligence / spy, Land, Official publication, Maritime / sea, Prisoner of war (P.O.W.), Story, War crimes and Weapons). Titles not fitting into any specific category can be found on the General webpage. Note that books can be listed in several categories. An alphabetical Total list is also included. The Author, Publisher, the edition's published Date and ISBN are listed, if known, to assist in searching for copies (Amazon and Ebay are ideal websites to start looking). Note that books published before the mid 1960s did not have an ISBN number. Area refers to the book's geographical coverage. Comments give a brief summary of the contents so you can decide whether to try sourcing the book yourself; titles are often not descriptive enough. The Australian War Memorial (AWM) has digitised, and made available on their website, the excellent Australia In The War Of 1939-45 series (official publications of Army, Air Force, Navy, Medical, Civil and Government written immediately after the war).

Researching soldiers information courtesy of A. Holland (daughter of VX56641 H. M. Gregson).

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