General notes

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Alphabetical lists of 2/2 Pioneer Battalion soldiers killed in action, died of wounds, missing in action, died prisoner of war (P.O.W.), where captured, where recovered if P.O.W., theatres of war, P.O.W. camps (where each soldier was known to have been present), honours and gallantry awards, ranks, known occupations, community roll of honour, known nicknames, etc.

Cemeteries and memorials lists are on the Cemeteries and memorials webpage.

Community roll of honour list shows the location of memorials inscribed with the names of 2/2 Pioneers who died.

Note that the same soldier may appear on multiple lists (eg. P.O.W. camps).

If the soldier was in, for example, Kanburi P.O.W. Camp (Thailand), he will not appear on the separate Thailand list (this is only for soldiers for whom no camp has been identified other than it being in Thailand). This also applies to other countries where P.O.W.s were interned.

Lists with a heading of UNKNOWN or YES indicate a grouping of soldiers for which some information is known (so they can be included). An example is for P.O.W.s captured in Syria; very little information is easily available. However, these gaps should gradually be filled in as more service records become available on line.

The lists will expand and be updated as more of the service records are entered into the master database stored off the web. This will probably take years to complete for all of the soldiers found so far. The Notice board and Addendum webpages will track progress and updates.