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Glossary of website and other relevant information.

Common abbreviations are listed to assist researching of external documents (for example, soldier service records). To avoid user frustration, only very common abbreviations are used throughout this website. The Australian War Memorial (AWM) has an extensive glossary of abbreviations used during World War 2.

Medical conditions entries are not a definitive list of all problems encountered. WARNING : these entries DO NOT replace diagnosis and treatment by a suitably qualified medical practitioner. They are only listed as background information describing what soldiers suffered; particularly as P.O.W.s.

Transport entries are listed in name alphabetical order not designation (such as S.S., H.M.T., H.M.S., etc). For example, S.S. De Klerk is listed before DUKW, U.S.S. LST-395 is listed before H.M.S. LST-408, etc.

'AWM id.' refers to the Australian War Memorial (AWM) identification number allocated to the photo shown. This number can be used to search their website collections database. Every AWM photo has its number watermarked in the bottom right corner.

Rank structure listed is as used by the Australian Military Forces during World War 2.

Terms webpage lists general word descriptions used at the time.

The Weapons and munitions webpage does not list every type used / seen by soldiers of the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion.

Procedures and descriptions that do not fit anywhere else are listed under `Other information'.