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The Contact us webpage is used to join the Association mailing list, advise us of any website problems and for sending Notice board entries, Visitors comments, Forum topics / comments, Soldier stories, photo identifications, corrections / additions, suggestions and general information, (refer Confidentiality policy).

Note the SEND INFORMATION button is at the bottom of each Contact us webpage.

For security reasons, we will contact you first before allowing photo uploads to us.

The Association aims to check the website every few days. Please keep in mind that it is maintained by a volunteer, Cary Sandell (grandson of VX73689 C. A. R. Douglas).

First name, Surname, State / Region and Country are required with all information sent to us.

At least a Phone number, Fax number, Mobile number or Email address is also required. This is to ensure we can forward replies to you and/or contact you to discuss information sent if clarification is needed.

Scroll bars will appear when large amounts of text are typed / pasted that would otherwise not fit in the text box. This allows viewing from top to bottom of the text. There is no real limit to the amount of text that can be sent.

To stop hackers being a nuisance, entries must follow the format below. Suspect characters will automatically be filtered / removed.