Soldier profiles

Service Number : VX22799
Date of Birth : 25/04/1898
Place of Birth : MOORNA, NSW
Known as :
Occupation on Enlistment : LABOURER
Date of Enlistment : 06/06/1940
Locality on Enlistment : RED CLIFFS, VIC
Place of Enlistment : CAULFIELD, VIC
Rank (at time of discharge / death) : PRIVATE
Service : ARMY
Final Posting : 2/2 PIONEER BATTALION
Position / Platoon / Company (as 2/2 Pioneer) (date / details) :
Unit Transfers / Promotions (date / details) :
Theatres of War :
Actions :
Wounded (date / details) :
Discharged : 08/04/1943
Date Died : 31/12/1954
Age at Death : 56
Community Roll of Honour : N/A
K.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
D.O.W. (date / details) : N/A
M.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
P.O.W. (location/s) : NO
Died P.O.W. (date / details) : N/A
P.O.W. Camps (details) : N/A
Recovered P.O.W. (location/s) : N/A
Honours and Gallantry : None for display
Applicable Australian War Memorial circulars : NO
References found (entries & photos) : National Archives of Australia (Barcode 6227717 [DIGITISED]),   WW2 Nominal Roll,   Headstone,   Headstone

Background : Enlisted with birth date of 25/04/1901 in order to be accepted by the Army. Headstone does not match enlistment signature and service record.

Service & personal summary At enlistment : single. No previous military experience. At discharge : height 5 feet 11 inches, blue eyes, medium complexion, brown hair. Marital status : single. Marks / scars : stomach scar, boil lateral right arm scar. War badge no. 11988. Discharge certificate no. 42766.

Service record
06/06/1940 Taken on strength Recruit Reception Depot Caulfield, Victoria.
07/06/1940 Posted to 2/2 Pioneer Battalion Puckapunyal, Seymour, Victoria.
14/09/1940 Admitted Puckapunyal 4 Australian General Hospital, Seymour, Victoria with concussion.
03/10/1940 Discharged to Broadmeadows Convalescent Depot, Victoria.
03/10/1940 Admitted Broadmeadows Convalescent Depot, Victoria (appendicectomy operation 19/09/1940).
15/10/1940 Discharged from Broadmeadows Convalescent Depot, Victoria. Fit for duty.
08/04/1941 Embarked Sydney, New South Wales on H.M.S. Queen Mary (H.M.T. N.N.).
03/05/1941 Disembarked Middle East.
20/06/1941 Injured in action with Not Yet Determined (N.Y.D.).
21/06/1941 Evacuated to 7 Australian General Hospital (bruised chest) and transferred to X list.
01/08/1941 Discharged from 7 Australian General Hospital and transferred to Pioneer Training Battalion.
01/08/1941 Marched into Pioneer Training Battalion from 7 Australian General Hospital.
26/11/1941 Marched out to Depot Battalion from Pioneer Training Battalion.
26/11/1941 Marched into Depot Battalion from Pioneer Training Battalion.
19/12/1941 Evacuated to 1 Australian General Hospital with ventral hernia.
19/12/1941 Medical classification :- Temporarily unfit for service, but deemed fit within 6 months.
19/12/1941 Temporarily unfit for service by medical board.
09/01/1942 Evacuated from 1 Australian General Hospital to 1 Australian Convalescent Depot.
09/02/1942 Discharged 1 Australian Convalescent Depot and marched out.
20/02/1942 Marched into Pioneer Training Battalion from Depot Battalion.
08/06/1942 Marched out to Headquarters Australian Imperial Forces (Middle East) Reinforcement Depot Staging Camp.
08/06/1942 Marched in.
10/06/1942 Marched out to 1 Australian Depot Battalion.
10/06/1942 Marched in.
30/10/1942 Disembarked Sydney, New South Wales ex Port Phillip.
30/10/1942 Entrained for Victoria Lines of Communication area.
31/10/1942 Marched in from overseas 3 Military District (Victoria).
16/11/1942 Marched into General Details Depot ex disembarkation leave.
04/12/1942 Evacuated to 115 Australian General Hospital, Heidelberg, Melbourne, Victoria.
04/12/1942 Admitted 115 Australian General Hospital, Heidelberg, Melbourne, Victoria with old abdominal injury.
29/12/1942 Discharged to Rockingham Convalescent Hospital Kew, Victoria.
29/12/1942 Admitted with anxiety state.
15/02/1943 Change in medical category from 1 to D (anxiety hysteria).
02/03/1943 Discharged to General Details Depot Caulfield, Victoria with anxiety state.
02/03/1943 Marched in ex Rockingham Convalescent Hospital Kew, Victoria.
08/04/1943 Discharged.