Soldier profiles

Service Number : VX23544
Date of Birth : 16/06/1920
Place of Birth : KERANG, VIC
Known as :
Occupation on Enlistment : SCHOOL TEACHER
Date of Enlistment : 06/06/1940
Locality on Enlistment : BONBEACH, VIC
Place of Enlistment : CAULFIELD, VIC
Rank (at time of discharge / death) : CAPTAIN
Service : ARMY
Final Posting : 2/2 PIONEER BATTALION
Position / Platoon / Company (as 2/2 Pioneer) (date / details) : C COMPANY
Unit Transfers / Promotions (date / details) :
Theatres of War :
Actions :
Wounded (date / details) :
Discharged : 11/01/1949
Date Died : 15/03/2003
Age at Death : 82
Community Roll of Honour : N/A
Buried Location / Memorial (P.O.W., D.O.W., K.I.A.) : N/A
K.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
D.O.W. (date / details) : N/A
M.I.A. (date / details) : N/A
P.O.W. (location/s) : NO
Died P.O.W. (date / details) : N/A
P.O.W. Camps (details) : N/A
Recovered P.O.W. (location/s) : N/A
Honours and Gallantry : None for display
Applicable Australian War Memorial circulars : NO
References found (entries & photos) : National Archives of Australia (Barcode 6227506 [DIGITISED]),   WW2 Nominal Roll,   Past article (size 686kB)

Background : Son of Rose Annie May Dunn and William Gilchrist Dunn. Was patient at Heidelberg Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria.

Service & personal summary At enlistment : single. No previous military experience. At discharge : height 5 feet 8 inches, blue eyes, fair complexion, fair hair. Marital status : married. Dependent children : 1 under 16 years old and 1 16 years & older. Marks / scars : large scar left thigh, vertical scar right lower leg. Full time war service : A.I.F. 06/06/1940 to 30/06/1947 and international 01/07/1947 to 11/01/1949 which included 3142 days active service (1601 days within Australia & 675 days overseas). Service in the ranks 06/06/1940 to 13/11/1943. Operational service : Middle East area (embarked from Australia 07/04/1941, disembarked in Australia 28/01?/1943), New Guinea area (embarked from Australia 03/08/1943, disembarked in Australia 16/08/1943). War badge no. 389899. Discharge certificate no. 45151.

Service record
06/06/1940 Taken on strength Recruit Reception Depot Caulfield, Victoria.
08/06/1940 Posted to 2/2 Pioneer Battalion Puckapunyal, Seymour, Victoria.
17/07/1940 Promoted to acting Lance Corporal.
14/08/1940 Promoted to acting Corporal.
07/04/1941 Embarked Sydney, New South Wales on H.M.S. Queen Mary (H.M.T. N.N.).
07/04/1941 Rank of Corporal confirmed.
03/05/1941 Disembarked Middle East.
18/08/1941 Appointed Lance Sergeant.
24/09/1941 Evacuated to 2/3 Casualty Clearing Station with malaria (malignant tertian).
28/09/1941 Evacuated from 2/3 Casualty Clearing Station to 1 Australian Corps Rest Station.
11/10/1941 Discharged from 1 Australian Corps Rest Station to unit.
11/10/1941 Rejoined unit from 1 Australian Corps Rest Station.
08/01/1942 Promoted to Sergeant.
09/01/1942 Transferred to Pioneer Training Battalion Australian Imperial Forces.
11/01/1942 Marched in ex 2/2 Pioneer Battalion.
22/01/1942 Marched out to Headquarters Section.
22/01/1942 Taken on strength ex Pioneer Training Battalion.
22/04/1942 Evacuated to 6 Australian General Hospital with septic leg.
05/05/1942 Evacuated from 6 Australian General Hospital to 1 Australian Convalescent Depot with septic leg.
25/05/1942 Discharged 1 Australian Convalescent Depot and rejoined unit.
03/06/1942 Transferred to Reinforcements.
03/06/1942 Marched in from Headquarters Section.
10/06/1942 Marched out to 9 Australian Infantry Speciality Group.
10/06/1942 Marched in from Australian Pioneer Training Battalion.
08/07/1942 Marched out to Australian Pioneer Training Battalion Company.
08/07/1942 Marched in from 9 Australian Infantry Speciality Group.
09/04/1942 Injury : accidentally injured. Lacerations right leg. A Court of Inquiry will be held.
13/06/1942 Injury : Court of Injury. Court of Inquiry held at Nuseirat on 28/05/1942 declared that VX23544 Sergeant Dunn, J.G. was a pupil at the G(R) School, Headquarters Australian Imperial Forces (Middle East) Reinforcements Depot and was on duty at the time he was injured; that he sustained lacerations to the right leg; that he has returned to duty and that his future efficiency as a soldier will not be affected nor will he have any permanent ill effects. His period of absence from duty as a result of these injuries was 45 days. The injuries were caused by the accidental exploding of four detonators which were in an unclosed tin. The injuries were the result of conditions of service. They were not caused by neglect, misconduct, carelessness or a failure to observe any regulation or order by the injured person. Commanding Officer does not agree that the explosion was accidental as stated in the report. Subject thereto he concurs..
01/08/1942 Marched out to 15 Australian Imperial Forces (Middle East) Staging Camp.
02/08/1942 Marched in.
13/08/1942 Marched out to 2/3 Pioneer Battalion.
13/08/1942 Taken on strength ex Australian Imperial Forces (Middle East) Staging Camp.
22/09/1942 Change of next of kin.
03/12/1942 Evacuated to 6 Australian General Hospital with F.B's right leg and transferred to X list.
31/12/1942 Discharged from 6 Australian General Hospital to Pioneer Training Company.
31/12/1942 Marched in from 6 Australian General Hospital.
02/01/1943 Marched out to 2/3 Pioneer Battalion.
02/01/1943 Marched in (super to establishment).
02/01/1943 Taken on strength ex super personnel.